Thursday, November 29, 2012


Having kind of a raw day, plus this Alice quote makes me feel even more raw.

And if you're "my kinda person", you will instantly see, before your mind's eye, Gary cycling down the snowy road where Hope and Michael live, in episode 76 (Second Look) of my most favorite TV show *ever*, on the way to meet death, with Nancy (who learned that she was clear of cancer on the day Gary dies) reading the above text, which Gary highlighted in a copy of the book, a gift from him to Nancy in the hospital.

Gosh I miss that kind if quality on TV.....very, very few shows come even close to the gem that was "Thirtysomething", IMHO of course.

I think I need to watch a couple of episodes, old and worn as they are, recorded on VHS many moons ago, burned on DVD about 8 years ago, as they still haven't been released on DVD for region 2.

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