Saturday, November 29, 2014

vienna calling

Long time no write. Much has happened. I'm freshly single, mainly because of the realities of the stroke and me being introverted and hermit like. What can I say, I get energy from being home a lot, being around people wears me totally out and drains all the energy out of me. Even more so since the stroke. So sue me if you can't understand that (and believe me, many, *many* people don't). I'm heartbroken, as I was naive and romantic enough to believe in love yet *again*, even after a divorce in May '12. Live and learn, right? I so desperately hope that I have learned my lesson this time. And no, self pity doesn't live here, just a cold, cold heart.

There's always an upside, right? With the walking/dizziness/fatigue problems (among others, those are just the main ones), I needed to get back to Vienna.........I moved away with husband number 1 13 years ago on December 1. And for 13 years this city girl wanted to get back to the city. Now I had to. Terrific public transportation being the main reason. After searching for 3 weeks, I got lucky. After 3 more weeks, yesterday, my hero-brother showed up with one of his good friends and two big cars, and after 2 trips my belongings were moved. One trip to Ikea yesterday evening, and I have most of what I need for now. Monday is the official move in date, and until then I can stay with my brother and SIL.

And now I'm scared that I won't make it, neither financially nor otherwise. I'll give it a good try though. But I'm scared.....and did I mention cold and heartbroken? No sympathy needed though, seriously. I'm just your basic introverted freak with a *really* good hand at picking and falling in love with the wrong guys. Anyway, that was it for me anyway, being 50, stroke 2 years ago, that doesn't make good "find-a-mate-material".

And here it is, the first Vienna photo.