Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A big advantage of moving back to Vienna is having a library again that actually deserves to be called that. I read a lot and after having to make it on my own on very little money, I just can't afford to buy books like I used to. So now I can read my heart out for €24/year. Not too shabby, considering the price of books. And there's lots of ebooks and there's even a separate English ebook library. So just for fun I made a list of the books I read since joining the library on July 3. As I said, I read a lot, even while riding my stationary bike, which I do a lot, since I can't walk very far (dizziness, spasticity, etc.).


  1. I haven't read any of these. Keep the list here pls, so that I can use it next time I need inspiration!

    I practically keep my village library in budget I think with all the interlibrary loans I order!

    1. It'll definitely stay here, and I'll add future readings. Actually you inspired this, I'm still very grateful for your "party of one" tip. (I'll try to think of adding English titles next time, if they're available).

      Interlibrary loans, I'm not looking forward when I have to start the books on *that* list. ;)