Friday, July 5, 2013

natural dyeing experiments and results

inexpensive IKEA cloth, coffee and various teas


  1. It's good to see you back here. I have thought about you but didn't want to add any weight to what may be happening for you by sending an email ( does that make sense?) anyway I'm glad you've had some physical improvements.

  2. Thank you so much, Birdie. It's up and down every day, sometimes several ups and downs in one day. Ack! LOL!

    I hope you have been well, take good care of yourself. And just to let you know, an email from you could never be "added weight". (Though I'm rather shy writing them myself.) :)

  3. just went back to Jan, 2012 here,
    scrolling through such an
    incredible amount
    of life lived
    glad you are What Iffing with
    Jude and the rest of us...

  4. Thank you so much, Grace. I sure wish I could have had a little less life to live. ;) Thank you for the welcome, I have the best time reading, watching and listening on the workshop blog.

  5. yes. a little less.

    but. here we are. just Going.
    i hope you will add your voice
    to the blog. i like it.

  6. Hi Ursula
    Just came over from Spirit Cloth, and scrolled backwards also - not as far as Grace did, but enough to see that you have had challenges of late and that your work is nevertheless vibrant, exuberant, and life-affirming. I look forward to seeing what comes from your hands with thread and cloth!

  7. Thank you Dee, for your visit and for your kind words.