Saturday, July 28, 2012

stroke of fate

on tuesday, july 24, out of the blue, i suffered a stroke. i was lucky to arrive, by helicopter, at a special stroke unit within two hours (i'm in the country, not in a city). still, the damage is severe. my left arm and hand, my left leg and foot - gone. day 4 today, and with lots of sweat and tears i managed to use the toilet on my own for the first time. i'll have to get used to tiny steps. as an eternal pessimist, i'm trying to prepare for the worst, but  i'm still hoping to get some use back in my left extremeties. the doctors are still trying to find out where the stroke came from, but they already told me that quite often they just don't find out. after hospital it's going to be rehab and you can bet that i will work hard there. that's it for now. and ex-husband no. 2? you signed off just in time. aren't you the lucky one?

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  1. Oh Ursula, I'm so, so sorry to hear whats happened! You're so young!! Going to be praying that you have a miraculous full recovery! Lots of love xxx