Sunday, January 23, 2011

"says who?" construction

I was asked to show some in progress photos of how I pieced the quilt top, so here they are. It was the first time I made a quilt without instructions or a pattern. Click on the photos to see them at full size.


  1. Thanks for showing this, Ursula. It's amazing what those angled cuts will do to add movement to a quilt.
    Kathleen in CT, from Lib-Quilters

  2. Lovely colours. You've given me an idea of what to do with all my batiks.

  3. Ursula - Thank you so much. These pictures really tell the story behind your quilt. I was so drawn to it last year when you were working on it. It's really a gift to me that you found the photos and posted them again. Vielen Dank!
    I see my little QuiltQuest listed in your blog list - I'm honored.
    : )